Help getting a mod running

I have a mod that I wrote some code for and it’s just for one mob and I have read the guides but I’m still confused. Can someone explain how I do this, I think my problem is it’s not a json but then how do I get it running?

What makes you think it’s not running? It does not show up in-game? Are you getting an error message?

Upload the JSON and someone might help?

Well it is not running and I don’t see an option to spawn the monster in I’m not sure what’s wrong

I’m not sure how to do that I’m new to this moddong terriory

Did you edit an existing mob or do you want to make a new mod with a new mob? What guides have you read so far?

Ok I am making a new mob based off of the runner for the most part it stayed the same but i changed a couple values and the name and added a new flag. I have read the guide for first time modders but I don’t see a way to implent JUST a mod.

See the other mods in the /data/mods folder. For a mod you require a mod_info file. There is a very old out of date article on the wiki, maybe it will help you: Basically you can copy a mod_info file into a new folder with the name of your mod and then add the mob json file with just your mob in it. then you have to activate your mod in-game using the world creation menu.

Oh ok thank you, that may be the problem

Well I still couldn’t get it to run, I have the folder under the mod’s name and the I have the file containing the code under a .json. So when I download the zip and put it into the mods file and go to update and check the launcher it’s not there and when I check the folder again it’s gone. So I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Oh wait I don’t have a modinfo file

Ok I got the modinfo file in and now I can select the mod but it’s crashing (which is progress) it’s spitting out: DEBUG : Error: data/mods//parkour_zombie-master/parkour.json: line 1:1: expected object or array

id": “mon_Parkour_zombie”,
“type”: “MONSTER”,
“name”: “Parkour Zombie”,
FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 773
I can list the code if need be.

            "id": "mon_test",
            "type": "MONSTER",
            "name": "test",
            "description": "Test.",
            "default_faction": "zombie",
            "species": ["ZOMBIE"],
            "volume": "30000 ml",
            "weight": 40750,
            "harvest": "zombie",
            "hp": 40,
            "speed": 60,
            "material": ["flesh"],
            "symbol": "Z",
            "color": "pink",
            "aggression": 50,
            "morale": 50,
            "melee_skill": 4,
            "melee_dice": 1,
            "melee_dice_sides": 4,
            "melee_cut": 2,
            "dodge": 1,
            "death_function": ["NORMAL"],
            "anger_triggers": ["HURT"],
            "flags": ["SEES"]

Seen on the debug error, you need your [ ] and { } to be correct (or insert them if you didn’t put any).
[ ] and { } are both important things in a json file.

Yup that was the issue, thank you so much