Held Item lost on death

Version 0.A.
Windows 7
The item that was in my character’s hand as he died was not “on him” or anywhere near him when I went to go loot the corpse.
It was an artifact sword, one that I am sad to have lost.
The death was caused by the sword teleporting my character by a passive effect in front of the car I was driving. It was absolutely hilarious and then I immediately set off on a several real life day journey trying to find the blade/character. But it wasn’t there.

This could be caused by a few issues, either the item held gets destroyed, or artifacts do not get saved properly. Or there was some sort of teleport bug where you kept teleporting.

I can confirm that artifacts wielded, not just in inventory, dissappear. Other held items remain.

I have experienced multiple problems when it comes to loading artifacts, whether having them on my character or not.

At one point I experienced the failure of my very long save game due to the fact that I autosaved, rather than saving to quit, after an artifact was spawned in-world.

Personally, I think it would be nice to be able to toggle artifact generation in-world on and off in the options menu, as a solid 90% of my interactions with artifacts have contributed to character death or general harm.

Some games, it’s fun to screw around with randomly-generated mystical items, but other games, it might be nicer to have one specific deathtrap within the game removed entirely.