Has muscle-based power generation been nerfed/removed?


I think adding a crafting recipe to let people reduce the input and output power of alternators is a perfectly fine solution. It’s kind of niche but people could do it.


Agreed. Though I will miss the classic exercise bike reading light of early game CDDA.


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Hey, I get that you’re unhappy that your favorite exploit was closed, but that’s no reason for name calling. The guy’s putting in a lot of work to make vehicles less stupidly unrealistic, and let’s be honest here: they really were busted.

And yeah, giving you 1600 watts output is generous, because that’s about four times the world record output for a human being, as was covered earlier in the thread.


It seems that since he is responsible for the code, he could nerf it to 200 watts if he chose. I would think a good course of action would be to explain your side and reasoning to try to persuade others, or better yet, learn scripting and modding the game to change it how you like, instead of responding with text that could be considered offensive.


Bicycle alternators are still a thing, and only require 75 W of input power. Go find an electric bike, take its alternator, and you can continue to pedal your way to electrical power, just much more slowly.


What I would really like to see is the ability to put a low end alternator on a cart. But with the way the system is structured, I guess a special “generator” part would be required? Call it a cart alternator adapter or something?

Is it possible to maybe have a part like that check if a) the vehicle is grabbed on to, and b) the player just moved? If both true power = x, else power = 0?


If we added a generator to drug vehicles, it would just make it harder to drag and generate power with each step.
We’d also revisit ability to drag csrts, and probably nerf it, so there’s that too


Lol. I think it will just fill in an obvious gap in the game, no nerfing necessary.

I have great faith you will find plenty of other evil ways to complicate things for our survivors, oh great Grinch Granade. :wink:


Isn’t there already a “generator” part? Basically acts as an alternator by attaching an engine but more or less completely consumes all the power output? Or was that removed?


I’m still quite interested in wind power. It would only require amateur to intermediate electronic/fabrication skill, and extremely common parts (an alternator and some 2x4s at it’s simplest). Then you could just toss it on some vehicle and get continuous free power from it. It could really soften up that early-midgame scrabble for solar panels.


There is an alternator sort of like that, but I wasn’t aware of it consuming all power. You can find a stationary gas generator sometimes in a garage that has that part.

Because an alternator is required to attach to an “engine”, it’s easy enough to call a foot crank or hand rims an engine and go from there, but we don’t have an equivalent for just pushing / dragging a vehicle. Thus my “adapter” idea, to fit into the way vehicles in the game are designed to work.


There’s a 7.5 kW generator, which is just a really big alternator. You still need to attach it to an engine.

At some point I’m going to rework reactors to work like other engines, mostly so I can estimate fuel consumption from them, and at that point I’ll probably add true gasoline/diesel generators that will be self-contained engines + alternators + fuel tank parts that only provide electrical power, not motive power.


Yeah the 7.5kw generator, I know it had to still be attached to an engine. That’s exactly what I was referring to. Thanks.