Has anyone noticed some odd terrain (roads) lately?

I just recently visited some regions that I haven’t been before and I’m getting some odd road generation… bits wider on one side than normal or missing some bits (narrower?) in other places. I’ve included an image.

The key piece being that it’s NEW map data, places I’ve been before are fine, new places less so. Also seems specific to angles but that could just be coincidence.

Dang. I’ve been playing a few new characters since the .Frank release and haven’t seen anything like this so far in their travels. That’s pretty wonky.

Only thing I’ve noticed in that my world is that motels are absolutely everywhere all the time.

Was it maybe an older file, then you updated the game and did some exploring and had this starting to happen?

Yeah… I update pretty regularly (build from master), usually daily. World was generated on the then latest experimental around mid August. I was goofing around with compile stuff recently which meant I didn’t fire up to play the game for a few days. Fire up the game and it happens I needed to go pretty far to visit a gun store a few tiny towns away and right about when I got into new territory I noticed the roads started looking like that.

At first I thought it might have something to do with triffids (never(?) encountered before) but the screen shot was well away from them, on a side road. Basically a space I had been all around but hadn’t visited until recently.

I can confirm that all builds since at least 2021-09-30-1537 up to the current one (2021-10-06-0333) have this issue. The issue also appears on newly generated worlds.
The last build I know for sure isn’t affected is 2021-09-28-1513 (there are some builds I can’t test between those).

While I can’t tell for sure, this bug might be caused by this pull request that attempted (and probably succeeded) to fix the ant tunnel (and other) rotation issues.

This has been happening a lot to me, as well as weird river blocks (where I just get a block of deep water perfectly squared with no shore at all).