Suggestion: Diversity for generic Zombies

It’d be nice to add more flavor to our generic Zombies, that could effect what they drop.

All the below Zombies would effectively be the generic Zombies (represented by the green ‘Z’ in ASCII), but their description and what they drop would be different.

  • Hooker Zombies: (higher chance of dropping crack, crack pipes, hooker wardrobe)
  • Construction Worker Zombies (higher chance of dropping things you’d find at public works buildings)
  • Student Zombie (higher chance of dropping books)
  • Hobo Zombie (Higher chance of dropping booze)

etc etc

Hooker zombies should also drop lots of money bundles.
We already have liquor stores with too much liquor that I can never fit in my stash without 5 trips.

Somebody actually made a thread about a new map tile called a Construction Zone.
It was pretty cool, it generally had a lot of construction esque themed items as you would imagine.
They would appear here. But idk aren’t construction workers more buff than regular zombies?

Student zombies belong in the same place as the public school? Along with all the child zombies with cocaine?
The Student zombies should drop lots of cannabis and pipes too. The real people at my dorms do fersure.

Hobo zombie. Hmm. No comment.