Handheld crank charger for vehicle batteries

The idea is the 'U’se the handheld charger which will restore up to a max charge of 500. you could then 'U’se the handheld charger to refill charge to electronic items that have the recharger mod OR to jumpstart vehicles… OR maybe you could consume the handheld charger’s charge with the battery bionic.

You could craft one with storage battery, foot crank, copper wire, LCD screen, etc. would require electronic skill of 5 and could be found in garages, rarely in trunks, firestations and police station storage rooms/lockers.

What do you guys think? mobile battery chargers ALREADY exist in RL, so why cant they exist in the game? would make it much more realistic a way to salvage vehicles without wasting batteries.

Along with this i would suggest something similar, but with solar panels or something.

Emergency car battery jumper:

Homemade hand crank charger made from cordless drill:

backpack with integrated solar panel:

The last one could slowly restore battery power to rechargable devices that are worn or held, but NOT wielded. in he event that ALL of your electronics are fully charged, this device would store up to 300 charge for later use.

it sure has been suggested and debated before. its also logical, but there is a catch:
you can only create small amounts of electrical power with a hand-powered charger (or a tiny solar panel)

this is ok for a flashlight or a radio (15-30mins may charge it up to 50%), but not at all enough to jumpstart a car or boil an egg.

So… how to balance this? change the power scaling with realistic power drains?
i’d like it but it is how it is for a reason i guess.

it is bit of a huge task to get the balance between reality and fun right on this.

ok, I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t be enough to jump a car, but I would be fie with it being able to recharge handheld devices. on the topic of jumping cars though, what about a bionic that could jump a car from your own reserves?