Car+died battery = crankshaft need

means such a thing - let’s say I found the car. ok? ind i need to fast escape from horde of err… let’s say it be triffids… ok?
and our new-founded car with discharged battery installed-in. (motor…gppd alternator…good F**K!!! i do not want to die!!! battery empty!!! )

but the battery itself, if its charge - it is currently still will live (battery is yellow or red, that is not killed)
around, as far as the eye can see - not see a single car, but splashed gasoline canister. that is, I can potentially make the car and go. but will not start the car.
can be in the game would be worth to appear Crankshaft?
well, or alternatively, may be able to receive the implant, you can charge the external battery from your internal in-body battery, and thus recharge the car’s battery and let it run? let such an implant will be not very common, though it will not be able to do it yourself - at least so. thus it will be possible to charge more and some power tools with the battery installed modification (instead of the usual batteries)