GunWorld mod - WIP shotgun test

This is a gun mod.
as stated in the title.
My little goal is to make 1000+ guns, and a whole bunch of other outfits… :confounded:

I will try to Built in Chinese and English.

And all the tileset.

This takes a long time…
I extracted a shotgun from the mod.For testing experience.

Baidudisk download
MegaUp Download
Welcome everyone to make valuable suggestions or comments. Thanks.:wink:
PS. My English level is really bad…


It looks interesting and I would like to try it. I have a rule that I never install software from websites I can’t read. And by that, I mean I won’t install the baidudisk download client. Could you setup a direct download via google drive or some similar service? Maybe some adventurous soul will rehost it? I’m not touching baidudisk.


Sorry, because it was too late yesterday, I have made up the MegaUp download.
Also, I have tried, Baidu disk does not need to install and log in.:wink:

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Well…it’s pretty tough to figure out exactly what to click, even with google translating for me. I kept getting the download client even though I was clicking on a link to the file. I’d just rather not deal with a site that has deceptive links on top of it being in another language.
Thank you for the alternative, I appreciate it. I’ll let you know how it goes, but it may be awhile. Thanks again.

I am trying to add a conspicuous item icon

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  • Gun Safe mode

  • Gun modular
    - Upper machine: basic properties
    - under machine: bullet caliber and damage
    - stock support: reduce recoil
    - Barrel: range, accuracy and damage bonus

    • PS. Okay, I know you can’t read Chinese. I will try to make an English version. :wink:



can you reupload, the mod in megaup, please?

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