Grey stripe and unsealed can food making saves not load?

Updated to 10788 from 10771 today and noticed this line on the right side of my screen where it wasn’t before. Is this changeable in a setting or is it a bug?

My save also didn’t want to load today and gave a red error before being booted to the main menu, it also gave a segmentation fault on quit before I went to remove the things causing it to not load. After I removed them from the map weights, etc, the save loaded fine. Not sure if this is the right place to post this since it’s only a secronom thing but I’m going to paste an image regardless of where I had to remove the entries in order to make it possible for my save to load. Note that this also happens on a fresh world.

Yes, both can_food_unsealed and can_drink_unsealed were obsoleted, thus they cause errors and problems if they are found in mods or saves, I believe, so they have to be deleted manually, regarding Secronom, Axema currently works on fixing this issue :slight_smile:

If they are on existing saves, they are silently migrated to the unsealed version.