Great Helm can't be worn

So, I’ve got a full kit of medieval armor at this point, with a gambeson under chainmail, with a nice suit of ornamental plate armor covering it all. One problem keeps it from being perfect, however, and that is my inability to wear my great helm. I just recently made a survivor helmet with the same encumbrance of 30 that the great helm has, and I can wear that just fine. I’m not sure what the major difference is, other than the great helm covers eyes and mouth as well as head slot, as opposed to the survivor helmet simply taking up the head slot. Build is 8726 for reference, so apologies if this has been ironed out by now.

EDIT: Thought it was mutations. It’s not, it’s like that in its base form on my vanilla character. I genuinely don’t know why it can’t be worn.

You can’t wear skintight or HELMET_COMPAT items that would bring your total head encumbrance over 20. You can wear single items that bring your total head encumbrance as high as you like as long as they’re not skintight or helmet compatible.

So, is the great helm not supposed to be so encumbering, or is it not supposed to have the HELMET_COMPAT flag? Am I supposed to wear it with another piece of headgear? It seems strange that it would be unable to be worn at all. I vaguely recall wearing one in a previous build, months ago, but that helm could just as easily have been a different one so I’m not going to stick by that memory.

Ah, found this:

Looks like the helmet_compat flag was added when they gave a bunch of items the flag. Probably didn’t realize that the encumbrance would prevent it from ever being worn. I didn’t know helmet_compat (or skintight, for that matter) cared about encumbrance. It’s interesting.