Government buildings?

What are government buildings exactly?
Are they actually called that in the game or is it certain buildings?

I’ve got the find a flag mission. The school is simple, but I don’t know what to look out for in terms of government buildings.

Never heard of that mission. Does it require you to find the flag of the US? If so, I do remember finding flags in schools…

Yeah, that’s the mission.

When asking the npc for advice they said check schools and government buildings. Wasn’t sure what’s classed as a government building.

Town halls were added recently, they’re pretty rare though (can’t remember are there flags or not). Technically refugee center was a governmental building, but no more.

The only places you can reliably get a flag are school and barracks-style house with a quiver and bible on the table.

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NPCs seem to wear flags every so often so there’s that.

If you can find a VFW hall, there’s always a flag somewhere in there. At least, I’ve never found one without a flag in it.

Wasn’t there a house layout that always spawned a flag? I think it was next to a quiver, but I can’t remember the third item.

King James Bible If I’m not mistaken.