Goo should either be an unsafe pickup or cannisters should be more easily craftable

I found myself surrounded and in a bit of a tight spot in the city and was wondering about potential strategies to deal with the hordes, but after sitting on the rooftops planning my careful move from block to block I noticed that the horde on the minimap had stopped following me. When I inspected it I realized that somehow the whole horde had turned into goop, and it gave me an idea on how to deal with cities.

Unfortunately it seems I needed a anvil to make empty cannisters. I figure its cause they’re corrosive and need specialized cannisters to store them in, but then how come I can pick them up with bare gloves why can’t I just shove them in a glass jar and make a goop molotov?

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Goo canisters spawning friendly slimes was always weird, now that they’re nether monsters it’s even weirder. That overtuned sliming attack and the way it can turn an early-game horde into a budget grey goo scenario is the reason “wild” slimes are friendly towards zeds by default, by the way. There might be some progress on that front in the nearish future, but in the meantime I wouldn’t grow too attached to the canisters.