Gif zombies kill conditions

Perhaphs instead of just simply punching their hps out of them… why not make the zombies just have about thrice the hp buuut buuut, critical hits do 5 times more damage as in you are actually rendering the body unusable … even perhaphs make it a gamemode.

My though on it is how do you kill a zombie with a screwdriver effectively… especially one controlled by some source grey gooo which makes people harder to kill, and near impossible to permenantly injure -death. they need moar hp… and perhaphs make them sorta like npcs where you can hit superfluous limbs… on that note sipders as well

dmging them in the first place is wrong.
Making them die slower doesn t change much.
Make it so you have to hit harder then a regular human punch to inflict dmg at all.

No. I’d sooner advocate for the opposite - crits doing the same damage as regular hits, only getting some possible special effects.

Crits are extremely common in midgame characters, it’s only the new ones and the crippled ones who don’t constantly crit.