Debuff all the enemies!

Effectively I think there should be some sort of debuffs you could inflict enemies with. Now I don’t mean like special moves the player does, but maybe there is some chance with a certain melee skill or something that you kick a hostile NPC in the nuts causing them to temporarily slow down. Maybe a club can stab a zombie if you hit it hard enough. Maybe, if the winds of luck blow in the right way that one arrow won’t just hit the head but stab near the eye making their attacks for a while less likely hit. Sweep under the legs and knock them over maybe? The higher skill level in something the better than you will do something extra cool! Dang, that arrow just pierced through two zombies? Now of course to successfully shoot through two enemies and keep the arrow intact not only are you going to need to be really skilled but you gotta have good gear, better stuff should help too!
Maybe there is something like this already in the game but I think this would be cool function. I would like to accidentally slash the zombie next to me also

Many weapons and martial art techniques already allow you to stun, grab, and knock down enemies upon a critical hit. Many melee weapons also have AoE/piercing effects upon a critical hit, and a few weapons allow you to taze enemies. The player can craft smoke grenades for use against anything that breathes. Mutant characters can also gain venom on attacks from their bodies.

Fair enough I did not know, that was quite a thing. Should have by now, but I am sometimes very unobservant. Now that I look it’s like duh! I am power-kicking zombies to death after all. Side question, I now read that muay thai does not take bonuses from weapons because they mostly use legs, does that mean my nail knuckles are useless?

Nope, any weapons that fit on your fists (like brass knuckles) will boost your unarmed attacks.