Getting lots of Cybernetic Power as fast as possible?

I’m doing the challenge where I need to get 500,000 Cybernetic Power (and all CBMs, but getting 500,000 is the more pressing matter).

What’s the fastest way to get Power Storage CBMs? I know that I need to craft those into Power Storage MKII CBMs so I can get the most bang for buck, but getting enough to get to 500,000 is another thing entirely (I’m about 1/10th of the way there).

Power Converters tend to be the item I need most.

The easiest way to get most of the ingredients is disassembling an entire arcade. I think I was up to 24k before after a long game, so 500k is probably out of the question unless you’re willing to REALLY go for it. Power storage CBMs Mark II will get higher storage/ingredient. Plutonium cells can be unloaded from weaponry in labs, teleporters, bubble cars. (I’ve always wanted to dissemble a reactor engine and have a chance of it exploding). I’ve never been in toxic waste sarcophagi, nor temples. If you need any advice on charging, metabolic interchange is THE most efficient way to charge but internal furnace is great if you just eat trees and furniture. Joint torsion ratchets mean you can almost always have some low-drain stuff on.

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Well the city I’m planning to ransack/raid has three arcades, so I’ll remember that then.

What stuff in the labs will give me Plutonium Cells? Is there any furniture in there I can take apart?

I can only recollect weapons and teleporters (haven’t played in a while). Integrated toolset is almost necessary for higher-tier stuff, I would regularly dissemble furniture and eat it to keep my power up. I don’t think there’s any fixtures that can drop cells, and the weapons usually only spawn in special guarded rooms.

You could suggest on the github that nuclear missiles have an enter-able compartment to access the warhead and harvest electronics, and hydrogen and uranium, the latter could be bred into plutonium over time. Maybe fissile material could also be mined from 8-9+ depth, and the Geiger counter could help as a radar. (make sure you’re wearing protection!)

Now you’ve got me thinking about a temporary power system, so you could shove in radioactive fuel that could overpower your available power, but a certain amount (percent or fixed) above that cause deleterious effects. Maybe power consumption could be linked to warmth, so even if you stack the crap out of implants, you run the risk of overheating without sufficient cooling.

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I get my Plutonium from Municipal Reactors in the Bright Nights mod, which allow you to find Nuclear Fuel Pellets to turn into Plutonium Cells.

Well, with your helpful advice, I was able to go from 55,500 to a bit over 70,000 Power. Still a far cry from the massive amount needed to complete the challenge, but every little bit counts.

Also, I need to do something with all the crap I’ve got in my Deathmobile now. I’m just loaded with materials. Looks like I might be building a new storehouse for my stuff…

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Most reliable way to get large amounts of plutonium is robot farming, either with a captive eyebot (close it in a car so it can’t get away) or with low computer skill and analyzers in labs (which drop manhacks when you fail a certain way).

Otherwise, simply butchering every zcientist, shocker, technician, bioperator, etc, everywhere you go will give you a pretty good pile of power CBMs (which, yes, give you more power if you can’t them into the Mk IIs instead). My late game characters generally have more plutonium lying around than I bother to use for anything. You need 8 plutonium cells per thousand power… so 4000 plutonium. Hmm, that is a good bit. Not sure I’ve ever had QUITE that much, though I’m been at least a quarter of the way there (not counting all the power already installed…).

For power converters, arcades are very good, and school computer labs aren’t shabby, either. The average Lab has several analyzer rooms (which 4 computers in them, counting the live one) and many observations rooms (same). Don’t forget to disassemble the terminals after you hack (or jackhammer) into barracks and prisoner containment rooms (3 each). Power substations and such are also pretty good (unless it’s changed fairly recently, you can disassemble most of the equipment for useful things).

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Unfortunately, I have the US Marshal trait and Eyebots instantly recognize me as a fed. So no option there. I guess trying to screw up on Lab Security is an option, since those Netherworld Containment finales have such a high rate of failure.

I’m at 70,500 currently. It’s gonna be a long trip to 500,000. Amazing Flame was able to do it in the first place…

I recently found a lab special with a ton of mininukes. In the one I found, there were four stacks of 10-13 mininukes and each of these holds 6 plutonium cells. The biggest issues with this is it may take literally forever to find such a room, but then it will take just as bloody long to disassemble all those mininukes.

I forgot about that. I have about 50 mininukes lying around my base, doing nothing. I could probably disassemble them. >.>


haha, well here’s something I just recently figured out; the disassemble menu (default shift-9) can help you find “missing” tools, parts and ingredients you never knew you had. For example, the missing tool you need to create a firearm repair kit can probably be found in a toolbox, but you need to disassemble the toolbox before you can have access to that hard to find metal chisel as a crafting ingredient. Or, as in your case, suddenly finding you actually have a huge bounty of something you’ve been scrounging for!

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Isn’t ‘/’ and then ‘a’ better? Since it does not only show the stuff with the potential for disassembly. Complete with a search machine for finding missing stuff!

No, because that would just show you that you have mininukes. It does not tell you that also have some plutonium cells, because they are inside the mininukes. View all items shows you all the things you have around you. The disassemble menu shows you the things that are inside of those things.

Also, for finding stuff on the ground it is often better to search using shift-V as this will show you everything you can see. The advanced inventory only shows you everything in the nine squares around and under you.