Gases, rechargeable gas cylinders/tanks, refrigerator compressor, high pressure compressor, gas liquifier, large dewar storage tank

Suggestion about bunch of stuff related to each other.

-Disassembling fridge/refrigerator/AC give you refrigerator compressor, recipe: small 1-cylinder engine + 2-liter metal tank + small electric motor + metal pipe (ICE engine can be converted into compressor unit and visewerse it is not a rocket science).
-Refrigerator compressor can be used to make: shop air compressor with receiver, car compressor(the one you use for pumping tires), 3-stage high pressure compressor - 3 compressors in seria can result in ~100 bar pressure output, in theory, on practice IRL some people achieve ~70 bar(liquefied CO2 near its critical temperature).
-Compressor can be used to refill pressurized gas tanks, fix car wheels, refill all sort of pressurized cans, airsoft weapon tank, pneumatic tools, pneumo lifter/jack, acetylene cylinders.
-High pressure compressor refill high pressure gas cylinders: oxygen, natural gas, hydrogen, chlorine, argon, air, nitrous oxide( laughing gas), CO2.
-Uses for gas cylinders: craft “oxy-acetylene bundle”(basically its 2 gas cylinders strapped together, the thing we use in game to recharge acetylene torch) for acetylene torch, similar bundle for hydrogen and propane torches, oxygen/air cylinder for diving equipment/fireman gas mask/biohazard suit/breathing device people with “smoked out” lungs use to breathe. Argon for welding, titanium/magnesium/aluminium refining, CO2 for welding. Nitrous oxide for boost IC engines, and as drug/painkiller, oxidizer for rocket engine(if any ever). Chlorine - as chemical weapon, damage all living things, plants, make steel/iron rust(apply damage). Natural gas as fuel for IC engines.
-With high pressure compressor and oxygen membrane filter can be made “medical oxygen cylinder refilling device”, it separate oxygen from air and pump in high pressure cylinder, used in hospitals to refill oxygen tanks for breathing(so device can be found in hospitals or as part of ambulance car).
-Also with high pressure compressor, heat exchanger, pipes and valve can be made Joule-Thomson cryocooler to liquify gases(liquid air, to distill oxygen, argon from it, or liquefy hydrogen(for rocket engine?)).
-Liquid gases can be stored in large Dewar storage tank which insulate liquid inside and not allow it to evaporate fast, can be installed in vehicle, can be used to store water and keep it from freezing in cold seasons, or store hot water for long time(we have small version in game already, flask for keep liquid hot longer time).

-Sources for different gasses:
–Oxygen: “medical oxygen cylinder refilling device”, separate electrolysis of water, distilling from liquid air, boiling hydrogen peroxide.
–Argon: old light bulb(its there, why not, will need to salvage whole light bulb factory…), distilling from liquid air(~1% in air).
–Natural gas: bioreactor - made natural gas(methane) from rotting flesh/plants/compost/animal wastes, pyrolysis of wood/waste oil/plastic/diesel/gasoline.
–Hydrogen: separate electrolysis of water, from natural gas - steam reforming, from ammonia.
–Chlorine: electrolysis of salt water.
–CO2: burning charcoal, or something carbonized in enclosed flask.
–Nitrous oxide: from ammonium nitrate fertilizer, nitric acid.
–Acetylene: calcium carbide + water.
—calcium carbide prepare in electric furnace(arc furnace) from chalk/quick lime/calcium hydroxide and charcoal(graphite initially but baked charcoal can be used too).

90% will work in RL as described, some i did myself(calcium carbide preparing most interesting one), some i seen in person, some i just know will work. So no worries about realism of this all.

PS: cool game:smile: