Gas Leaks, Well Water, and more!

I don’t know about the “New England” region so if someone can check this that’d be great… but at least here in Ohio, gas (as in Natural Gas) is used to keep homes warm, run stoves, hell there’s an old abandoned power plant back where I used to live. That said, gas leaks are (apparently) a big enough problem here that they’ve got PSAs on the radio warning how to tell if there’s a gas leak. (Smell of Rotten Eggs, Hissing sound, MOTHERFUCKING GEYSERS OF GAS I SHIT YOU NOT.) So it might be nice to have a fire-hazard like that. (Bang bang boom.)

Well water is rather common around here, though I don’t know how common it is there. Can anyone confirm if well-water is common in New England? if so how plausible would it be to get clean water from a house running off well water?


I live in Connecticut and one of its main features is extremely rocky soil. That means no gas or water lines. My heat runs on oil, the stove on a propane tank, and the water is from an electrically pumped well. My family has only been here for about two years so I don’t know all that much about the state, but to my understanding, that is the norm. I’d have to imagine the cities and large towns are the exception and have gas lines and tap water like anywhere else. One interesting note to take from this is that there are almost none of the gas burning fireplaces so common in the suburbs of other states. There is instead an abundance of wood burning fireplaces. I don’t know about the rest of New England, but farm houses should definitely have hand pumped wells and fireplaces.

There is a strange smell in the air, as if it was rotting eggs…

You successfully light a fire.

BOOM. You are caught in a explosion!

You’re dead.

In general the concept is that there have already been accidents of all kinds that have rendered gas/electricity/water all unavailable, that also means the gas isn’t there as a danger. Possibly near or in a special building like a gas… plant? I don’t even know where natural gas comes from in an operational sense <_<

Yea propane and natural gas amenities would be appropriate to put in farmhouses and cabins. An intact house with a nice big tank would be a good find. Also there are a LOT of houses in the area that still use fuel oil boilers, those would be present and potentially usable, though they require external electricity to run, so they wouldn’t be running.

I see an electricity system would be a huge project to undertake (probably) but would ultimately be extremely satisfying, if you could rig up lights/oven/fridge with basic cables to a generator or tank that’d be great.
Perhaps a few small scale systems could be implemented first? some houses would undoubtedly have generators which are being used after the power went down but before Z’s came out, and items that are put next to one could be ‘powered’ - it’d add for interesting base building opportunities!