Games closing immediately after launching from launcher (post-10272)

Having a problem where any experimental build past about 10272 is closing the launcher and opening as usual, but immediately closing in the taskbar before it even gets to the title screen. Same deal if I try to run it from the directory directly.

I’m wondering if it’s possibly a antivirus thing, though I’m not seeing anything obvious; I just feel surely someone else would have reported this by now after a dozen or more new versions. But reverting back to 10272 lets the game run perfectly fine.

Any suggestions?

Anything in your crash/debug log? Those two files hide in the config folder and might have something that points you in the right direction.

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First thing delete your config folder and see if it helps to start game normally.

If it didn’t help, backup your saves and third party mods and reinstall the game.

Make sure you install the game to a folder you have full rights to and you install correct version (32 bit for 32 bit platform).

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Yeah, actually that helped, though I’m not sure what changed. Game appears to be trying to load:

"overmap_typeface" : "retroasciifont10.png"

Which I don’t think has ever succeeded in using a different font for the overmap anyhow. Still, removing that line from the fonts.json seems to have fixed it, so thanks!