Game sometimes decides for me what to reload, any way to turn it off?

Lets say i have glock magazine and m9 magazine in my inventory, and some different kinds of 9mm ammo. I just want to reload my glock magazine. I have my hands free, press r, and it automatically tries to reload m9 mag. C’mon, i dont even have m9! And zombies are aproaching. It gets worse when you have only one type of ammo, it does not ask anything. In order to reload glock mag you have to press milion buttons and go throug inventory and glockmag menu, or you have to reload both mags, and then unload m9mag, wasting in-game time. And if you have ammo only for one mag, this option is impossible.

And it gets even worse when you have some kind of ammo that can be reloaded but cannot be unloaded, happened to me few days ago when battery changes arrived. Me wants to reload headlamp with new battery cell, i have one fresh in inventory. Press r. Game desides to reload all my 900 battery charges into empty heavy cell. GREAT, i dont have single tool thats compatible with heavy cells.

After a bit of searching, i foud there are two types of reload buttons:
-reload held item (standard-r)
-reload item (standard-undefined)
First one, if you have reloadable item in hands, it reloads compatible mag in inventory, and after second press it reloads the thing. Next press will start reloading things in your inventory, often without fucking asking.
Second option, much more controlable, it allways asks you what to reload. No matter what you have in hands, be it empty pistol, mag etc. But in some situations its too slow, for example fighting hordes in city with pneumatic rifle. You want to reload your held rifle very often, even hundrets times, picking up blots from ground or corpses. Pressing “reload item” button becomes tedious in this scenario, even if following my logic, its better than “reload held item” button (because of its stupid reload all items without asking mechanic after held item is full).

What could be changed? IMHO best solution would be:
-“reload held item” button works the same way when reloadable item in hands, but after that, IT SHOULD ASK WHAT TO RELOAD NEXT.
-change “reload item” button to “reload all” button. For thoose people who for some reason believe this option is needed/usefull.
TBH in few hundrets hours of gameplay i never wanted to be able to reload everything with one press. I allways carry something i dont want to be reloaded at this moment. And even if i want to reload everything its usually max 3 things, and i like to be remindeed during process what type and how many ammo i have left and i am usig right now etc.

Annyone agreeing that this kind of compromise would be more practical? If you have reloadable, empty item in hands game decides it will be reloaded first, but after that it asks. And there is still option “reload all mindlessly” for those who like it.
Likes and comments, and i will post github issue. If no one agrees, then its only my problem apparently and i will swallow my butthurt.

Bind “Reload Item” action for legacy behavior:

Yep, i written i know its there, but its behavior is far from perfect and optimal.
First of all, you would need both types of reload assigned in order to handle events like PBrifle fights and not reload things you dont want in other events, while number of keys to assign is limited. And you would need to learn to use different type in different, yet sometimes similar circumstances.

You don’t need to use both actions - just use the legacy one.

Uhhh, not trying to be mean or something, but did you read everything i wrote, or just scrolled through?
Or maybe i wasnt clear enough and write in too chaotic way?
The legacy option, although nice, is too slow and cumbersome when using one gun, held in hands, during extended gunfights, massacring hordes, or practise shootings.
And new option is too chaotic and unreliable for me. Thats why i am kindly asking for option for people like me. And thats why right now i need to have both keys assigned and remember which one use in very specific situation, its overcomplicated.

Imo everything should be tailored for most average survivor needs, and when he wants to reload, most common situations would be:
reload held item (most comon) > reload ONE SPECIFIC item from inventory (common) > reload all you have, quickly, without asking (very rare, almost never in my case)

Right now, new reload option “reload wielded item” handles most common situation well, but it tries to do 3rd before 2.
And legacy “reload item” is good for 2 cause, but fails at being optimal for 1rst, most common situation.

Sorry, I’ve ran away and didn’t read carefully. It is possible to have reload command updated or maybe even customizable - it just needs some code. Both of current reload commands won’t fit your needs.

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