Game goals: thoughts on keeping it fresh and tingly

It would be easier to just make it not worth it
Sure you can’t actually kill off the blob for good but you can make it less than worth the energy expense of getting there

By discovering it in notes left around

There aren’t any notes about the blob left around. Humankind don’t know about it.

soft scifi? Has the direction of the game changed from a generic retro future some hundreds of years down ghe line when power and oil running out becomes a very real modern concern? The increasing tensions with dprc forcing peopleto turn from power armor and plasma cannons to fifth dimensional shortcuts to actually get the boots where they’re needed?

Except where they did

maybe check the labs?

There is nothing in there. The blob is not mentioned in the game.

Cataclysm had the retro future timeline. CDDA has always been intended to be set in the very near futre, like next year or so. The devs are trying to more explicitly split out the science fiction/future tech stuff from the modern day stuff.

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I wouldn’t say it’s very soft sci fi. The way the blob works veers hard into “explain it by saying quantum” territory, but it’s still a lot harder sci-fi than say star trek, which I’d place around the middle of the road on that spectrum.