Game crash on cooking cooked cattail stalk

When i try to cook cooked cattail stalk, game crashes. This lead to corrupting my save game, which crushes the game immediately on loading the game. will fix this.

You should be able to click the “ignore” until the errors go away without issues.

The only problem from that will be that the plant fibers that you get as a byproduct won’t stack with other plant fibers.

Thanks. Didn’t know about ignoring the error

Is that a typo or are you trying to cook an already cooked item? That could be the bug itself. The game trying to cook something already cooked and it $h!ts the bed in a “oh wait!” moment.

No, the problem is that the recipe heats up the crafting products.
But the recipe creates non food items as a byproduct (plant fiber).
When it tries to heat up the plant fibers it gets errors since non food items do not have thermal properties.