Game appears dark when I load it up

I’m almost certain that this isn’t the fault of the game itself, but I can’t find a fix anywhere else.

When I load up the game it appears dark. The text is difficult to read.

When I hit Caps Lock or use the volume controls on my keyboard the game brightens up.

I’m playing on a projector, which seems to be the problem component because making my laptop screen my main display and turning the brightness up to max fixes the problem.

But I want to play it on the projector. And I somehow got it to work once before.

I tried to reproduce that, but got no such results.

Thanks in advance for any help!

This is some setting in your video driver or in operating system or maybe in projector. From CDDA perspective you can try to change renderer in settings menu - may be one of renderers won’t trigger dynamic brightness adjustment.

Changing it to OpenGL fixed it.

Thanks so much!