Screen becomes blurry?

For some reason the visuals become blurry at random intervals and I don’t know what could cause it. All I know is that while I would have preferred to share screenshots all attempts to do so just show what the game is supposed to show while when playing the display randomly becomes blurry, so I unfortunately have to use phone pictures.



This is a fresh experimental downloaded and executed from a flash drive which had previously not produced any similar results from versions from at least 2019 (I stopped playing for a while and wanted to see whats new) If any additional information is needed feel free to ask.

I’ve seen this before, but I don’t recall what the cause was. It’s definitely a rendering issue though, so I recommend you go into settings and start changing settings until it looks better. Try changing the renderer, the font size, toggling font blending (to whatever setting it currently isn’t at), and lastly the scaling mode and factor.

Thanks. Issue was solved after changing the renderer from direct3d11 to opengl.