Furniture packing

So how does the ability of “pack” furniture. this is mostly turning a draggable furniture in to a item so you can bring them up floors they would still be very heavy and have no logical way to store them its just something like what the fridge does. heck it may be usefull to convert some furniture in to vehicle items. so like you can install lockers or bookcases in to vehicles with mild modifications (Like a strap on bookcase to stop the books from falling off in movement)

Just disassemble and rebuild. It’s the closest you’re going to get. As for using lockers on vehicles just scrap the locker and use it to build more storage. It’s more realistic anyways since most lockers can’t just be stuffed in a car and be expected to fit or not fall over and throw your stuff everywhere.

There is some foldable furniture, though from the top of my head I can only recall the Tourist Table and Metal Butchering Rack.