Fungal Underground Structures

When i was Reading the lore it stated that the fungal was mostly underground (correct me if i am wrong) so it would make sense to have stuff like fungal labs, basements, and subways.
They would be places where the fungal roots(?) broke through and is now spreading fungus through the underground structure. Destroying roots could cause the fungal species to recede(trying to think of a different way do "defeat the fungus’ that one is not the best)And when the “benefits” Kevin mentioned(not sure when) for allying with the fungus could be obtained…
just a idea i had for when the fungus get a expansion, I apologize if this has been discussed before.

I like it!

yea great idea and a place filld with fungi were you can finde the fingi heart if destroyd fungi wont spawn in the map or (dont now how) take control of the fungi heart and be allys and great benefits from it

An interesting angle on this is that it’s very difficult to mine through soil or rock, but not nearly as difficult to mine through fungal structures, so if there was an underground mycoid network, you could actually use it to travel/mine quickly.

Hmm. I’ve been considering those, but was gonna have spores in as a miner-deterrent. Burn it first to kill, then clear it out.