Funga/Triffid Labs

Labs dedicated to the studying of these not-so-alien creatures would be a great addition to the game moving forward - the lab notes would be invaluable for educating the player on what they can do about, for example, fungal infections (especially if we add the ability to develop fungicide from triffids).

Thought this was gonna be about how triffids and/or fungals have taken over a lab. Anyway, this seems like a nice idea.

Well, of course they have taken over the lab - but they’ve taken it over because the lab was full of them before things went south. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but a few regular triffids and maybe a vinebeast couldn’t take over a lab on their own. If the scientists have captured a triffid queen though…

The fungals definitely could, though.

Dunno… the scientists would probably be wearing hazmat suits and gas masks.

Oh come on, all it takes is one guy who doesn’t want his buddies to know he’s infected and boom, outbreak.

It got in the food, clearly.

Hmmm… Touche.

Zombie scientist trapped in hazmat suits? Do Want!