Follower stupidity

I was going through the missile silo looking for some goodies when I came across the security bot storage area. My NPC decided it would be a good to Leroy Jenkins one of the bots armed with only a chainmail vest that was slightly damaged and Zweihander I made for him. He died.
What about you guys? What are some dumb things your followers have done?

Existing seems the number one reason followers die. I’ve had followers with infected bites and no disenfectant. Seeing as you can’t cauterize their wounds, the only cure is a bullet to the brain.

The dumbest thing my npcs have done is choose to follow me. Big mistake.

I actually really dislike followers in pretty much every game, and coming along on my adventure usually means you’re a packmule until I leave you to die somewhere.

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I usually never use em as packmules. Too much work to sort through their inventory all the time. Usually they just follow me into towns and ant nests. Labs are often too high a risk.

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Once a tear in reality spawned kind of near of my evacuee center (that was using as a base), so in one of my travels to the base from raiding a yugg spawned from it, followed me to the base, started wrecking everything, the NPC instead of following me, decided to engage the yugg and died u.u

Watched 3 dudes run through a mine field for the grins. I scooped up their gear shortly there after. :wink:

It was in the earlier versions of the game, when NPCs just became able to mount the vehicles with you.
So, starting npc from the evac center followed me and sat beside on the front seat of a car.
When I reached something like 80 kmph he just shot me dead, and probably died in the crash. What did he think?


Yes, there was a time when NPCs shot enemies even if you was in the way. Dying by botched drive-by-shooting was common.

The starter npc joined up with me right off the bat. We were in a mega city 6 times the spawn rate, in a residential area. I set his options and we took off, he followed me into the middle of the street and then just milled about, we were surrounded by hoards but we could of ducked through them. I hesitated trying to get him to follow me, running back to him and yelling at him, but all it did was tire me out and suck away precious seconds for the zeds to close in they eventually closed in on him and started tearing him to peices. I ran off but eventually the zeds cornered me in a car and shredded me, one of the few runs I’ve had that ended so early.

I stopped using companions altogether for this reason.

I could chill in between 2 NPC friends. They’d behave like a dog targeting a friggin rabbit. Both shooting through me at the same time and then watch as the vehicle crashes and explodes in a glorious manner only a Pinto could detail.

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