Follower NPC can't go past certain doors(s?)

Delia ‘Windbag’ Galindo is fine with the average door, but every once in a while she’ll get stuck, walking right next to a gate and then just stop following me.

She won’t path around, she will not try to bash it, and if she detects an enemy within her allowed range she won’t move toward its.
It’s easy enough to fix, just go back through the door and go around, but it’s also very easy to not notice that Delia is stuck, especially when I’m busy, plus it can potentially cause issues in the event I need to book it.

I’ve only had it happen probably about three times. I didn’t think to check what kind of gate it was until the last one, so they may-or-may-not all the the exact same type, but they follow the same rough pattern placement.
The ‘Screen Door’ is what I noticed when I checked, and that door, along with the others, followed the same general ‘placement.’ Part of a ‘house’ tile with wire-looking fences on both ends (in the case I checked ‘Screen Mesh wall’).
I’m using RetroDays+ so wire fences and screen mesh fences (and similar) have the same design.

Anyone have any clue as to why this would happen?

just a wild guess: is she wearing a spear in spear strap? IIRC some doors block it for some reason.

Didn’t know that was a thing, good to know. However, she’s not wearing one of those.

There is an option is her orders to have her not block doorways near you, maybe try switching that off?

I had already checked that as a thing and it doesn’t appear to be on, which makes sense since I never turned it on.

Besides, wouldn’t that make it so that Delia would have this same issue with all doors?

EDIT: When I’m back on my computer I might make a quick video looking at the issue just so you guys can see it visually.

I don’t know, but I’ve had it cause weird behavior a time or two a while back.