Fix pelts already!

Ever since they made that change to how pelts work, each animal giving a bunch of tiny scraps of fur, and needing 50 of them to make a single unit of cured hide, making anything with fur is near impossible. You have to kill three or more animals to make a single pelt, and it’s likely the fur you have will spoil before you can use it.

I killed two beavers and didn’t even have enough for a single unit of cured pelt. That is ridiculous, since beavers provide fairly large pelts. There either needs to be a massive increase in fur scraps you get from animals, or they need to go back to the old system. Or, take a page from Unreal World’s book and make each animal provide a proper pelt.

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Make requests without resorting to impatient sounding titles already!


the PR has a date of july, did it got applied?

You would see a “merged” tag in the upper left corner if it was applied. So it’s still open. The author seems to be having trouble with syntax errors based on reading the discussion below the pull request.

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No, and it’s unlikely that it will. Kevin didn’t like one of the recipes I added, since it was an abstraction from a mod, so I removed it and fixed the recipes, including the time it took to craft them, since the times were all wrong both because of the new 360 days default year, and new time each turn takes.

But he also didn’t quite like the second changes I made, but didn’t specify what he disagreed with, so I couldn’t change anything. And since I usually fix a lot of stuff while I play, I was juggling between 6 different branches, and that got a bit annoying, so I eventually stopped playing about 3 weeks after that PR. I’ll just close it so somebody can open a new one and fix it.

All you need is lint the files using