Fix for Issue #36 (monsters warp through walls to follow you down stairs)?

I have no idea if this works or not, because I’m not sure how to test it, but, if you add this code at line ~770 in function monster::will_reach of monmove.cpp, does it fix Issue #36, where monsters will warp with you down stairs, even if there’s no valid path to the stairs?

std::vector<point> path = g->m.route(posx, posy, x, y, has_flag(MF_BASHES));
 if (path.size() == 0)
  return false;

I couldn’t find any documentation for the route function, but from what I could tell, if size == 0, it means there is no valid path. If I understand this right, it will make monster::will_reach return false if there’s no valid path.

Someone needs to test this, and merge.

Awesome, merged to master branch.

Epic first post Uronym, fixing a long standing game-breaking bug with a single check.

this community clearly attracts silent heroes

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