0.C-12115-gb4499a2 Monsters move through floor

Windows console version 4562 with experimental z levels on.
Monsters move through z levels and don’t care about the floors that separate them.
Try clairvoyance with an airhorn above or below some monsters and check it out.

yeah, I’m getting that, too - they seem to be able to treat all tiles as stairs, which means they can escape any confinement by going up or down, moving over, and going back, and the pathing algorithms do seem to use that at least somewhat. Labs get really strange, really quick.

Edit: this was on the most recent windows graphical build that I just downloaded a few minutes ago - cataclysmdda-0.C-4564

I’ve seen this behavior for a bit as well. It seems to happen most often when something generates a lot of noise.

Update: As of 0.C - 12186-g26c1f77 I can confirm that monsters still move up and down through the ground without using the stairs or other means of ascending and descending z-levels.

I am using the x64 bit version, and I am using the experimental Z levels options, and mods.
I am using Windows 8.1.
I am using SDL (Graphical) as far as I can tell.

They seem to do this upon hearing noise, but as far as I can tell it isn’t required, and it seems to be all monsters can do this, but it’s very notable for ants, lab monsters, and twisted horrors in mines.

Definitely still a problem - just downloaded the most recent windows build, 4590, and labs are still crazy, especially near an anthill. SO crazy near an anthill…


Fixed! Try the latest experimental everyone!

Awesome! I’ll download it tonight and give it a shot - thanks!