First run in with this beast. F*ck you RNG

While I was running away from some normal zombies after a failed early scouting run, I ran right into a Shocker Brute!? My new worst enemy now. killed me in 2 turns once he quit eletricuting me and stepped up to punch a hole in my chest. My guy was very early (Day 2).

That’s why I only travel in the night in early game.
Starvation takes a long time, “but I was hungry/thirsty/infected” is not a valid excuse for traveling in the abhorrent light of the day.

Yeah, these guys are more common then ordinary brutes in my experience, they are generally around to ruin your day.

In my experience they’re shock is more mild then shocker zombies but maybe I’m just lucky,

its why allways raid in the night and for scouting get binoculars and walk around edge of town never get right inside it