Firearm Durability

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Maybe for non frequently updating mods they should dev for stables instead of constantly chasing experimentals.
A lot of things change and a lot of things break pretty much weekly.

But yes, ideally you should be able to cannibalize weapons for weapon parts to fix/create your weapon of choice.

That’s not really how gunsmithing works. Parts interchangeability between identical weapons or weapons of families specifically designed for commonality is one thing, but you can’t just take the barrel off of a hi point and drop it into a glock and expect it to work. Same goes for common ‘consumable’ parts like the firing pins.

The most modularity you can get in weapon systems are common platform families like the AR15, with its incredible amount of aftermarket parts. For the most part, we already handle a lot of this with weapon mods for stocks, attachments, triggers, etc. We’re even more generous in a lot of regards, with more specialist parts like triggers and stocks being generic and interchangeable.

Well of course it should depend on compatibility. I don’t think there were any other thoughts there.

I was also thinking about being able to create shoddy looking weapons. Kinda how Rust has guns that are built from various junk. Of course, CDDA would have a more robust building system, and the guns wouldn’t be that reliable.

We have shoddy and scrap weapons, there’s a whole selection of pipe rifles, homemade shotguns and luty submachine guns, even a lever action that accepts stanags. I don’t think makeshift weapons are at a particular shortage, and their crafting requirements are exceptionally low, which makes sense for back of the truck level manufacturing.


Check this out. There in lies a system to dismantle guns of similar interchange-able systems in which to replace a shoddy barrel with a better one to make the dispersion a little less crap; also the other parts of the guns too.

The idea is not to craft and cobble random gun systems. But to make a game system that makes weapons, how to put it…not perfect. The idea that a gun found in a store is peak condition stands to reason. Found on a dead body in the wild= less that stellar condition. Being able to find similar weapons that you can dismantle and repair for a better condition firearm from the best parts available would be a cool thing to do.

Also adds the possible outcome of better parts from 3rd party manufacturers. Accessories(more w/ subtle buff/debuffs). Using a condition score 0-100 on all pieces of the firearm would also make for a much more ellaborate repair/customization system for the game. It could also adda positive/negative trait.

Positive trait:
Well Versed; Firearms= You know your guns. This trait adds condition knowledge of the guns(and each gun part) you examine(without dismantling them first) and provides a 5% faster repair time.

Negative trait:
Clueless; Firearms= You are clueless about firearms. Worse than the average action movie wannabe. Condition of firearms(even obvious to the average observer) is hidden from you until your marksmenship skill meets lvl 4. You also have a -5% to repairing guns and may damage them if you try. Perhaps a 5% chance of shooting player actor if the gun is still loaded when repairing?

No major comments or concerns to this aside from how this is appreciably different from allowing gunsmithing to ++ a weapon for a general performance buff to it. If you want to represent specifically high-grade parts, we have weapon mods. Expanding and adding some rigor around that system to allow “Superalloy-Lined Short 5.56 Barrel” and the appropriate restrictions for its use would get you 99% of the way there.

The real problem with this is that I’m now going to spend the next 30 hours of my gaming time playing that stalker mod :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, hell. I thought this was about a STALKER mod for CDDA! This would be thematically perfect!