Fire station faction camp hardlocked

Started playing this game again after a very, very long hiatus. Faction camps were pretty primitive last I played so I wanted to mess around with them.

I set up a fire station faction camp, in a town, directly next to a zoo. Went down the upgrade path to breaking up the front driveway, building the living quarters, and the radio tower. But I’m locked out now. Whenever I touch the bulletin board to issue orders, my zones get randomly moved to somewhere else in my faction camp, and whatever NPC’s are following me teleport instantly behind the zoo or into a house next to the zoo, making me unable to issue orders. This happens even if all the points of egress from the camp are closed, so they’re actually teleporting. I tried using a two way radio to issue orders as a workaround but when I try to activate the radio it says I can’t do anything interesting with it.

I’ve also got an NPC I issued a move order to. I found him on the map on the way back from a trip, picked him up in my car, then he disappeared in transit and is labeled as still moving on the map. But he’s not there, and in a week, hasn’t returned.

Clearly this is a bug of some sort- I’m just wondering if there’s a workaround, or a way to get out of this loop. I’ve put a lot of work into this base.

It would be helpful to know the version you’re playing on.

Also, you might want to upload your save somewhere and link it here or create an issue on Github if there isn’t one like this already there, so it’s easier to reproduce the bug and test changes made to the code…

Im on ellison. I’ll go ahead and do that!