Fiddling while Rome burns

So I’ve taken to burning down all of the town’s I come across in my current world. Now its not completely efficient at killing all of the zombies in the town, It does create a abundance of building materials if you sort through the ash. There is also something to be said about the purifying feeling it leaves on ones psyche, like you’re reclaiming it for nature you know?

Real Pyromancers burn nature too.
[size=4pt]Goddamn Triffids.[/size]

Whatever game it is, it’s like 'oh I can make a fire or use fire", then you see it doesn’t really spread well, until you BURN EVERYTHING! CHAOS! SPY! RAAAAAAAAAH

Doesn’t even matter the game, I even would sit there sometimes watching lava in Minecraft/Minetest, it’s pretty.

Oh, I love it. “The Night of Molotov”, running through the town, crushing windows and throwing molotovs inside the rooms. Night like the day - light from flaming houses makes streets around so bright, that you can read your skill books easy. Let’s make that night BURN.

@ Atelerd: