Favorite Unarmed Style?

With the new starting traits allowing for early and easy access to powerful unarmed styles, as opposed to the system of acquiring them from (currently glitched) NPCs, I figure it would be useful to discuss the unarmed styles, for veterans and newbies alike. By this I mean what’s your favorite style, from specialization against specific targets (Muay Thai), defensive benefits (Toad Style), or just general efficiency (Krav Maga). Speaking of, I really enjoy Krav Maga. It seemingly has the most possible attacks and defensive moves of all styles. I can also see the benefits of Ninjutsu, being completely silent. Shaolin Animal Styles seem to be focused off of stats, meaning your survivor nerd can defend himself with Dragon Style. And the Five Deadly Venoms are based off of unorthodox strategies, like waiting before engaging or hugging a wall.

I like lizard because then I can imagine my character running across the wall of a house, not even flinching while a zombie hulk whales on him.

I just use ninjutsu for no reason. I would really like to do night raids with it , but by the time i get caffeine pills and night vision i already have enough skill to just walk through the city without problems.

I love capoeira. Nothing like kicking 8 enemies to death in a single turn. The dodge bonus from moving and attacking allows me to reasonably melee zombies without shrubs even at 0 dodge skill. Moving next to the enemy rather than waiting for them to move next to me is less dangerous than with most styles. Counter-attacks deal with many enemies who make the mistake of hitting me.

Is there any other style that makes one want to scream “CHARGE!” when one sees a horde of fungaloids, triffids, zombies, ants, swamp monsters or blobs?

Centipede. Combine with high strenght and dexterity, and you become a gracken.

I like Dragon for all-round, agree that Centipede is a nice way to deal with things, and once NPCs get fixed (rendering the advanced-traits obsolete) would still recommend Karate, Taekwondo, ot Tai Chi for every starting character. If you have to resort to “fists”, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Glad to hear Capoeira is working again. I almost took classes in that IRL.


What? Using the original dev’s callsign? Wire-fu reference?

Fixed it for you. Now with capitals and no missing letters.
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