Fallout mod, now in progress!

I mentioned this in a previous forum post, but now that ive actually started, i need help. https://github.com/Tefnut/Fallout-in-CDDA Here is my mod. so far. Just one weapon, it’s ammo, and it’s magazine. Shouldnt be too hard, right? But no, its giving me like five thousand errors and theyre all in basically swaheeli to me, please help. Preferably a step-by-step on what to do, instead of just a fixed file.

Not an expert at the json stuff but can you have negative pierce? When I changed it from -4 to 4 it didn’t error.

Your 10mm is set to copy from 10mm, so it looks like it is trying to copy from itself.

I copied it from another json file, so maybe they made it work. thank you though

guns can’t have negative damage values anymore. Also, copy from 10mm in this case would copy the 10mm item from mainline and then override its data according to the values given. It’s standard practice to futureproof stuff

edit: well, not specifically from mainline, but the 10mm item passed down from mainline, subject to any other mods that copy from 10mm and modifiy it. Last hands on it gets the win.

Could you say again in english? Whats “mainline.” I’m new to all this.

mainline is the base game you get out of the zip file, no modifications.

ok…lets say that 10mm in mainline has a volume of 5. But you don’t like that, you want it to have a volume of 7. So you’d copy the ident from 10mm, add the copy-from “10mm” line, and just add the line for volume = 7. Then you load your mod and in your world 10mm would have all the same values as before, but a volume of 7 due to your mod.
Copying from another mod is an excellent way to get started.

I changed the file over again, and these are all the errors i got in specific. Downloads the same but i changed the file






is the 10mm_auto and 10mm_incendiary your creation? It looks like there’s no item defined that matches that type.

edit: also…what bastardization of github are you performing? just upload the mod itself to github, then we can see it without downloading and suggest changes on the website

You defined it as 10mm_auto, but some files just have 10mm, changing them to 10mm_auto removed it for me.

its copied from realguns, since I figured “What better than copying a 10mm that already exists and giving credi in the readme”

Ah I’m not running the realguns mod didn’t know it was dependency.

It isnt a dependency. I’m trying to recreate it on my own.

If you’re copying something from a modfile, the mod needs to be used to pull that initial entry from the mod. You should add it to the list of dependencies, or, rather than using copyfrom, just put it in your own files.

this is giving me a painful headache so far. but yeah i think im just gonna copy the vanilla .44 files and change them for my needs, at this rate

Welcome to modding in cataclysm. Wait til you drop a brace in a scenario.json and the debugger won’t tell you where the errors at.

edit: I spent hour and a half translating japanese to english. Was careful to only modify comments and stuff inside quotations…went to load it up and the damn things broken. I haven’t touched my text editor in 3 days…

It would be nice if there was even the minimal amount of user friendliness in this, like, oh, I dunno, saying the file in which the problem is, instead of making up a new name.

oh my god, now its telling me i should be using 10mm auto in spite of me removing the auto from literally EVERY GOD DAMN FILE in everything EXCEPT the display names. I’m tearing my hair out at this rate

Discord would be easier for chatting, and such, but load the new files up sometimes a second set of eyes catches what one missed.

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Files changed now. and I’m in the CDDA discord, Tefnut#8027.