Fallen state

So I came up with new status effect similiar to stunned.

Fallen is a state where creature has lost it’s footing and is unable to effectively see, fight, dodge, move and is easier to be hit. Fallen status clears when creature moves a tile (this costs double the normal) or waits in spot effectively regaining it’s footing/standing up (this costs normal movement).

To sum it up:
Fallen creature gets minor penalties to melee combat.
Fallen creature gets some penalties to ranged combat.
Fallen creature gets huge penalties to dodge.
Fallen creature gives to hit bonus when attacking.
Fallen creature receives more critical hits that penetrate some/all armor.
Fallen creature receives movement penalty.
Every tile that requires more than 100 movement is considered opaque for fallen creatures.
Fallen creature can mostly attack feet, legs and torso.

So how can creature fall/lose footing?
Other creature tackles it.
Creature tackels other creature.
Something heavy hits the creature
Creature trips over.

What I am thinking is a way for zombies to tackle the player down and start wailing on player with greater chance of crits that actually have a chance damage low to medium armored players. Big dogs like Rot-weilers might also have a bigger chance to takedown the player. Maybe mutiple zombies trying to tackle player would have higher chance to suceed.

High dex and parkour could give a chance to resist fallen status. Carrying closer to your full weight limit could also increase chance of tackles and takedowns. Having overweight would make tackle and/or takedown a lot easier.

Basically added danger to fighting zombies escpecially if they are high in number.

Exists already.

Causes the creature to lose a turn, which also results in dodge penalties.

It’s never told in the log, however! I think?

[quote=“Coolthulhu, post:2, topic:9089”]Exists already.

Causes the creature to lose a turn, which also results in dodge penalties.[/quote]
Is this when the screen goes crazy and flickers back and forth?