Failed to load submap

It hurts so much. :frowning:
I played for several hours. Amassing loot and a sweet luxury rv i fixed up and even put armor plates on and a front composite ram on. Than i save and the next time i reload I get this error that says failed to load submap and some numbers like 234,72 etc. Everything i does is gone and the zones reset. Anyone else have this issue? Several builds tried so far. 3333c is the experimental I am using. Windows 8.

Does this happen randomly or predictably?

What were you doing then?

Were the numbers two or three coords? The only really important number is the third one.

Turn on autosave to prevent losing progress. It’s somewhere in the options (first or second tab of the options, I think).

it happens when i save and quit. its multiple errors and the numbers appear to be zones or areas i have visited.

managed to repeat it, also says failed to load array, its a three number error code, the last set is always 0.

This just happened to me, too. My laptop told me I had 15 minutes of power left when in reality I had only 2. Plugged her in and woke her up and suddenly it’s " Debug:Failed to load submap (-126, 138, 0): line 1:1: tried to start array, but found ’ ". When I try to exit my now-disappeared vehicle the message is “Debug: map::unboard_vehicle: vehicle not found”. And I had just finished looting the largest city I’d ever seen in all my CDDA days. I do autosave; is there a way to revert to an earlier, uncorrupted save? I’m playing v.0B Brin on Windows 7.