A game destroying error

This has happened to me for a few days now. Im on Android, game version 0.c-32639-ga6637cd7fc. Ill be playing and something or another causes my game to minimize. I assume it then saves as per the options save when minimized. I must then restart the game. As its loading I get this error.

DEBUG : Tried to set NULL submap pointer at index 2520

FUNCTION : void map::setsubmap(const size_t, submap *const)
FILE : /home/zhilkin/Cataclysm-DDA/android/app/jni/src/map.cpp
LINE : 7631

The game will not load any further and I must start a new game, with a new world and everything. Why does this error happen? Any way I can fix it because constantly restarting is killing my enjoyment of this game.

The saving before minimizing is just an experimental for the time being. And it was said (in the options) that it may result in corrupt save files. Sadly you may need to restart.

To add on that, any of the auto-saving features risk corrupting your saves.
At least some months ago they still did.

Ahh yes you are right. I see what you are saying. That sucks but atleast I know about it now and maybe have it stop happening. Thanks a ton!