so i wanted to do a mod on this but im only basic at coding and soon found myself strugling and stuck
so my idea is the additon of suport in factions and the option to create a new one.
this i idea would have some new building involved such as mylitary depot, faction house,airport,and other mylitary related ones.
the add of suport would be that you could have at homebase of your faction suport like artyllery that if you had ammo for it and in range of two way radio comunication and artyllery range and a map or gps you could call in the artyllery the other part is the plane part becouse there is no complex z levels and the complexity of piloting a plane only a few npcs could do that and if you had the resources you could suply drops if you had a npc team that needed help or you call it for yourself and even paradrop squads of npcs.
this would be costly and would add a long term purpose to the game and another thing that i want to mencion is that maybe the zombie and goodies would increase the further you were from your starting point only having ther artyllery and planes REALLY far away from the start.

i know its only a very early alpha and its a very early to put this idea in game fully working but im just shoting the idea out there


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Ignoring the mocking reactions above. You seem to have quite a few spelling, and capitalization errors romerrr. Makes it hard to understand what you are trying to tell us. Esp people who do not speak the English language natively. Could you please edit your post a little bit? So we can read what you are trying to suggest.

Well If I get this correctly, the OP mostly wants the ability to call air support from your faction in the style of that PS2 Mercenaries videogame. Well I dont know, artillery support would be something that only the remains of the military would get (if they even get that lucky) and perhaps you could get some limited access if you are a strong ally of them. And even if you managed to secure and artillery encampment with your own faction, I don’t think 50 random people you found during your travels could operate an artillery piece with any degree of accuracy.

That said, the option of calling for support would be interesting, though I think that at most, the majority of factions should only provide a trader of some sort/ a few troops that they would send through cars. (Perhaps the military and AI factions, if we even have those, could provide some measure of air support).

John, i did mentioned they would have to be people whit experience and the milytary depots or one or two convoys would be somewhat intact allowing you to recrute others whit experience as well some books could help you whit that and if you started whit one of the mylitary jobs you could teach npc’s how to operate such guns and the rarety of such guns would be so big you probably had already found some npc’s whit such experience

Romerrr, seriously, go back over your posts and look at spelling and grammar. I know it might not be your first language and I’m not usually bothered about it, but your posts are just a mess.

when it comes to writing im a lazy piece of pie
and yea english its not my first or my second and almost nothing to me

Well, if you are lazy in trying to communicate with us, why wouldn’t we be lazy in trying to read your messages?

The effort you put into your writing will be reflected back in the effort we put in reading it. We cannot magically understand what you are saying. Sorry.

for me this is the correct way of doing it becouse there is no better way to put it than this .
whats in there is what im saying

OP is almost impossible to read, but I saw “artillery” and “paradrops”. This is the wrong game for that kind of thing.

I think y’all are having just as much trouble getting through to him as he is to you lol.

I…think I understood some of this, artillery/paradrops are not thing that will be happening that idea can just be dropped, NPC back up maybe but they’d have to make their way on foot.

Please people, yes his spelling is bad, but there’s no reason to be mocking about it.

As for the idea, well full-blown artillery, like leveling city blocks would be definitely overboard, but equip a semi-qualified NPC with a mortar and some rounds, and have your PC act as a spotter, might not be too overboard. Of course you better hope they’re accurate, heh.

The infrastructure for that kind of thing is a bit far off, but then again I’ve been surprised by how quickly things have been implemented before.