Explosions causing major lag?

Is anyone else having huge lag spikes caused by explosions? I’ve been trying to figure out what was doing this because it’s been an irregular event, but this afternoon I’m pretty sure I’ve just now narrowed it down to landmines going off at the edge of the reality bubble.

See pic attached.

It’s been stuck like that for over ten minutes now, using 100% of one core. Definitely the worst one of these lag spikes I’ve had. (Usually it’s 30-60 seconds, about five minutes one time)
I’m surprised nobody’s filed an issue about it already, and now I’m wondering if it 's just something up with my rig specifically. Running latest experimental as of ~two days ago, 64 bit linux, compiled with GCC.

This is a known bug. Kevin’s looking into it, but he’s having a hard time getting a reliable repeatable test case, or at least he was yesterday.

I did finally get a reproduction case from @ralreegorganon via savegame, but I’m still not sure what’s happening.
I’m not sure what about it is triggering the bug, but I can at least see it in action.

Mantar suggest the edge of reality bubble with land mines. Maybe it has something to do with the radius of the explosion being both in and outside of the bubble causing some overlap problem?

That sounded likely, but my reproduction case is dead center of the map.

-Timing issue? The explosion outward gets ahead of the damage or something and the 2 compete?

-Perhaps the objects in the blast are interacting in 2 different conflicting ways?

-Ground beneath causing an issue with a Z-level?

-Items in particular to class or something conflicting with the blast?

I wanted to grab the latest…but now I’m stuck until a few bugs get cleaned…am I helping? :wink:

Okay, so it IS a known bug. I don’t know what happened, I probably made a typo when I searched the issue tracker or something, 'cause I found jack squat.
Well, good to know that it’s not just me then, and that it’s being looked into.

Yea, I think I have a quick workaround that I can maybe apply tonight, see https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/24748

I experienced the same playing on r7st’s server. There I had a hideout inside a firestation close to a minefield. Whenever i got too close I was going to wait.