Experimental build failures meaning?

Hi all,

When you see the new experimental builds fail e.g ‘build failed for Windows x64’, what does this mean?

More a case of what the implications are for me updating the game.

Once there is a new build that is successfully compiled does this mean all the previous failed builds are incorporated successfully?

This is probably obvious to most but not sure how the build process works.

edit - should have mentioned this using he launcher.


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There is surprising very little comments on this when you do a web search. I think it’s the search words that make it difficult to get good search returns.

Still from what I can see it’s because something in the build is ‘broke’ and doesn’t compile properly. The end result being you just have to wait for a future build that works.

Lots of failed builds. Presume this is the norm with such frequent updates.

automated systems aren’t perfect and windows is more clunky to compile stuff on than linux, simple.

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I’d agree with you there. Really just referring to the natural progression of updating/patching.

It was more a case of I didn’t understand the process so didn’t know what it meant when it came to updating. I was curious how it worked in an overview way.