Experimental build #355 - Professions

Is there some issue? Many professions have the wrong point value (Hobo gives 1 point, Otaku costs 4, etc.) and it seems like some are missing, I can’t see prostitute anywhere for example.

I think people have been tinkering with the values for balance reasons.

Prostitute was changed to “Crackhead” at some point it looks like, and the points altered to just -1 (down from -4 like Hobo).
Wasn’t Otaku always a +4, since its kinda’ just a joke profession?

I’m sure they still need more balancing as things go on. With a span of -2 to +4 at current, there is just so much mashed in there to consider and balance though: starting skills, starting weapons, free containers, bad addiction issues.

All I know is Shower Victim is my go-to now that Prostitute has been gone, and Failed Android can probably NEVER have enough -points assigned to it for me to ever take it … having near-permanent (unless you get REAL lucky with RNG) negatives to a character is huge.

Well imho:
Hobo and Crackhead are now quite bad, 1 point is not worth fighting the addiction and assured illnesses. It’s even worse for the Crack Prostitute since at least alcohol is relatively plentiful. Plus for some reason the three tries I made with hobos died for no reason about 2 in-game hours in.
Failed Android won’t even get considered by most people until bionic removal is added I’d think, I know I’m not taking it.

I just dropped all positive traits but Robust Genetics and Fast Learner, then had a Flaming eye stare at me through the entire starting town until I got the sickness which made me stronger and smarter