[Experimental: 0.9-2303-g6fa1111 - Curses] Steeltoed boots are OP

boots - 12 Bash, 12 Cut.
turnout boots - 20 Bash, 20 Cut.
winter boots - 24 Bash, 24 Cut.
combat boots - 24 Bash, 40 Cut.
chitinous boots - 30 Bash, 40 Cut.
armored boots - 50 Bash, 50 Cut.
Everything looks pretty good so fa-

steeltoed boots - 40 Bash, 40 Cut.
I dunno, these are pretty common, and they are right up there with survivor boots in terms of protection offered.

In retrospect, I’m not sure if this is supposed to be in this subforum. Should this be in the drawing board?

Steeltoed boots don’t have the tag that makes them harder to break (I think) nor do they cover as much if I remember right…