Expansive starts

So I am not sure how many people here have played it, but there is a rogue-like called Unreal World RPG, basically Sweden simulator with images of LARP. Pretty much, one feature of it is differing starts, such as being attacked by bandits and nearly killed and bleeding, in which you have a very low chance of survival, or building a cottage in the wilderness with your father, or beginning in the wild with the clothes on your back and maybe some equipment. I would love to see a system where you could not only choose where you start, but in a varying area. Such as being attacked by an NPC who takes all your gear and leaves you there on your own to survive, presumably to never be seen again, or starting out inside a lab tank that you have to break out of, with the possibility of mutations. I can pretty much see the hard mode potential of this, like starting of in the middle of a town inside a restaurant or something.