Eternal Tetanus

So I think I got tetanus cause I keep getting muscle spasms but no amount of diazepam is making it go away permanently… I honestly don’t know how to cure this but I read somewhere that diazepam could and thats about all I had access to at the moment.

I think Diazepam is a temporary fix. Royal Jelly or 33% chance w/ antibiotics? :slight_smile:

This. Diazepam suppresses the symptoms for a few hours, but it takes antibiotics or royal jelly to actually cure it.

Thank you for the corrected information, in one of the older tetanus threads someone claimed that diazepamwas the only thing that could cure it with a 33% chance. Someone should add this to the wiki :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s fixed now. ^^

Who’s awesome?! (Hint: It’s you!)

Thanks for the info, I am finally free of muscle spasms