Escalation/tower defense/creeper mod or "late game dynamics"?

How simple would it be to add a constant spawn or creeper defence (constant attack by enemies) or later game dynamic attacks on the player’s base/location?

Basically, if we assume the rest of the world in game has blob, zed, triffid, fungus and a few bandits and left over automated/robot patrols, then eventually this will swamp the players location too.

Currently if outside the area of simulation, the world does not escalate these much beyond spawn/zed evolution. A player not moving, will then be able to “turtle” in a farm and just survive with little to no interaction with the outside world (outside the “reality bubble”).

This is not a problem. But I do think a mod/option for an “escalation” of difficulty/events would add to the type of gameplay some play. Such as bases having more effect if actually repelling larger and larger attacks. Walls and dug in LMOE shelters providing real security against large patrols/events outside/above ground.

A simple idea would be adding to the current dynamic Zed spawn option, and adding more zeds into the “pool” (IIRC currently it only moves real zed numbers, and so keeps accurate numbers).
Or adding new portal spawns/appearances for portal monsters to spawn.
Or adding mission/event type spawns “A robot patrol of Chicken Walkers is heading for your camp” and “A Triffid seed fell in the surrounding forest, it will soon grow Triffids and encroach on your camp!” type random spawns.

It could be time based decay/increases, or dynamic (based on amount of noise/distance of player movement/size of camp) to partially simulate a large player camp/activities drawing more and more attention and creatures/bandits to the area.

I think some of the existing code can do this, right? Some things can spawn in areas based on time/season, but I’m not sure if they can spawn in pre-explored map tiles?

There is Defense game mode.

Interesting… I will have a look at it. But I was more thinking about such things put (lore/gameplay/seamlessly) into the normal mode (so survival/crafting/sleeping/etc all still stays).