EOC_talkers: missed name

I want to create a talking structure like xedra impaled officer, but i always get this message. What is a problem?


Problem solved. For any, who want to make the same structure:

1.In furniture disscription add:

“examine_action”: {
“type”: “effect_on_condition”,
“effect_on_conditions”: [ { “id”: “EOC_YOUR_DIALOG123”, “effect”: [ { “open_dialogue”: { “topic”:
“TALK_YOUR_DIALOG123” } } ] } ],

2.In file with your dialogs write new EOC

"id": "EOC_YOUR_DIALOG123",
"type": "effect_on_condition",
"effect": [ "open_dialogue" ] 

3.Write your dialog

"type": "talk_topic",
"id": "TALK_YOUR_DIALOG123",

My problem was that I forgot about the second point and did not prescribe an EOC. A silly situation, of course, that I created the problem and immediately solved it myself. But nevertheless.