Engine wont turn on suddenly

So i was going to take my police cruiser out for a spin to a pair of nearby labs, although suddenly the car wont move. I then noticed the engine itself wasnt turning on, even with ample gas and an alternator, controls, everything the car needs. I am kind of lost. There also is no way for me to turn the engine on via the controls, so. I am running version 0.C - 4221 of the experementals.

         Thanks, Ocelot.

How damaged is the engine?
Damaged engine may require more than one attempt.

The engine is deep green, not damaged at all. It doesnt even give me a message when i get in the seat, it just… Doesnt do anything, i’ve even tried switching out for a new engine and it still wont do -anything-.

Are controls and seat OK and on the same tile?
Is the battery charged above 0%?

What do you mean “doesn’t do anything”? You get in the seat, press ‘^’ and what then?
Does it ask you to pick a direction or “mount” the controls automatically?
Is there more than one engine, including pedals? If so, is the proper engine turned on in individual engine settings?

If nothing works, upload the save somewhere, may be a new bug.

Hey there, sorry about not responding, my internet was out for about a month and when i got back i forgot about the forums for a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish i could go back and see the save but its long lost.

There were controls, the seat was fine and on the same tile, the batter was charged, i would press ^ but nothing would happen. No messages or anything, it diddnt ask me to pick a direction or anything. It was a default police cruiser so i dont think there was more than one engine.

Again, sorry, but thats what i can provide. Have a good day